Colleges, secondary schools, non-profits, and many others can utilize the ApplyWithUs application service to quickly and affordably collect the information they need without the hassles and high costs of maintaining on-site systems and software.

Complex Applications

Multiple Forms
Online Payment Integration
Data Validation
Custom Submission Rules
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Consortium Applications

Multiple Institutions - One Application System
Consortium Forms
Institution-Specific Forms
Consortium Recommendations
Institution-Specific Recommendations
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Advanced Features

Intuitive Interface
Applicant & Recommender Checklists
Custom Branding
Instant Availability of Data
Configurable Print and Data Exports
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The ApplyWithUs service can support complex consortium, or one-to-many applications, like the Universal College Application and Gateway to Prep Schools, as well as applications to individual institutions in a variety of industries.

Universal College Application

University of Charleston (WV)
University of the Commonwealth Global
and other colleges

Gateway to Prep Schools

Deerfield Academy
Groton School
The Hotchkiss School
Phillips Academy Andover
St. Paul's School
and 54 other schools

Individual Institutions & Candidate Management Platform (CMP)

University of Saint Francis
St. Paul's School (secondary education)
and others
Getting started with an application on the ApplyWithUs service is simple. Contact a team member to learn how we can make your application available quickly, affordably, and without the hassle of maintaining your own systems.

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