Colleges, secondary schools, non-profits, and many others can utilize the ApplyWithUs℠ application service to quickly and affordably collect the information they need without the hassles and high costs of maintaining on-site systems and software.

Complex Applications

Multiple Forms
Online Payment Integration
Data Validation
Custom Submission Rules
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Consortium Applications

Multiple Institutions - One Application System
Consortium Forms
Institution-Specific Forms
Consortium Recommendations
Institution-Specific Recommendations
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Advanced Features

Intuitive Interface
Applicant & Recommender Checklists
Custom Branding
Instant Availability of Data
Configurable Print and Data Exports
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The ApplyWithUs service can support complex consortium, or one-to-many applications, like the Universal College Application and Gateway to Prep Schools, as well as applications to individual institutions in a variety of industries.

Universal College Application®

University of Charleston (WV)
University of the Commonwealth Global
and other colleges

Gateway to Prep Schools®

Deerfield Academy
Groton School
The Hotchkiss School
Phillips Academy Andover
St. Paul's School
and 54 other schools

Individual Institutions & Candidate Management Platform (CMP)

University of Saint Francis
St. Paul's School (secondary education)
and others
Getting started with an application on the ApplyWithUs service is simple. Contact a team member to learn how we can make your application available quickly, affordably, and without the hassle of maintaining your own systems.

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